Dr. Smith has a conservative treatment philosophy. He places an emphasis on prevention and uses materials and techniques that research has shown to be the most effective and long lasting.

Silver Creek Family Dental Offers:

Cosmetic Dentistry: A nice smile is important to many people. Damage from cavities, injuries, developmental defects, etc. can be devastating to a person’s teeth and confidence. Fortunately, there are many esthetic options to create a beautiful smile. Cavities can be fixed with tooth colored fillings. Very esthetic results can be achieved with porcelain crowns and veneers.

Teeth Whitening: Whitening has become very popular. There are several ways to whiten your teeth and the various options can be discussed at Silver Creek Family Dental to help you decide what is best for you.

Pediatric Dental Treatment (Children): It is very important to start good oral health habits early. It is much better to prevent dental disease than to treat problems after they’ve occurred. Dr. Smith enjoys using the first visit to discuss with the child several tips that, if followed, should help the child never have a cavity. Dr. Smith has three young children of his own and always enjoys little smiles at the office.

Implant Restoration: In most cases the ideal replacement of a missing tooth, or teeth, is with an implant. Our focus is using methods that give these restorations the most beautiful, functional, and long lasting results possible.

Extractions and Wisdom Teeth: Although we try to save as many teeth as we can, there are times the best option is extraction. Wisdom teeth often don’t fully erupt to the point where they can be kept clean and maintained; in these cases there are benefits to extraction.

Root Canals:­ The benefit of a root canal is it can save a tooth with a dead or infected nerve from having to be extracted. Although it is common to hear in conversation someone compare a bad experience to a root canal, most patients are pleasantly surprised that treatment was more comfortable than anticipated.

Orthodontics:­ At Silver Creek Family Dental we offer traditional braces or clear aligner trays (e.g. Invisalign). In our office we treat those patients with a good bite and function that just need a little straightening for a more esthetic look.

Periodontal Treatment­: Periodontal disease can be extremely destructive to your teeth and health. It can lead to losing some, or all, of your teeth. This can be prevented by good home care and regular professional dental cleanings. One of the most common comments we hear is how great teeth feel after a good cleaning.

Full and Partial Dentures­: These are another option to replace missing teeth. There are several materials and options to choose from.

Emergency and Trauma:­ Some dental issues require urgent treatment. Infections and trauma are a couple examples where patients can benefit from quick treatment.

Sedation and Nitrous­: At Silver Creek Family Dental we do everything we can to keep patients as comfortable as possible. However, there are times where sedation and nitrous can be appropriate for comfort and anxiety control.